MEAN BEARD presents MOONBOW Video Shoot for their new album WAR BEAR


MEANBEARD presents MOONBOW Video Shoot

Sunday, May 28th at 4 PM - 11 PM

The Southgate House Revival

111 E 6th Street, Newport, Kentucky

Did you ever want to see yourself in a killer Rock N' Roll video? Now is your chance!!  Join us in the Lounge for an afternoon of MEAN head banging music with MOONBOW as they shoot a video for their new album WAR BEAR. 

Extras arrive: 3:30pm-4:00pm

Grill and Outdoor Shots: 4:00pm-5:30pm

Live Show with Extras: 6:00pm-??

Look for an exciting raffle with a chance to win a MOONBOW autographed record and merchandise provided by MEAN Clothing Company and MEAN BEARD. 

See you all there today! 



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