MEAN Girl of the Month - August - Amanda Allen - Windsor, ON Canada


NAME:  Amanda Allen

HOMETOWN:  Windsor, ON

AGE:  46

CAREER:   Police Officer

HERO:  My mom.

HOBBIES:  Music, Working Out, Wine, Animals.

LOVES:  Family, Friends, Animals, Cottage Time, Charity.

DISLIKES:  Negative Energy.

MEAN LIFE:  What you put out in life is what you get back.  If everyone would just do one small thing.



In grade 9, while I was at a high school dance, I saw a couple police officers doing security for the event.  I remember my dad picking me up that night and I told him, “I know what I want to do!”  From that point forward there was no stopping me. I phoned recruiting, chose my courses, exercised hard and smarter and even completed a co-operative education placement.  I was hooked.

I started working full-time as a Cadet at 18 years old.  I was then promoted to Constable a few years later.  Since that time, I have been very fortunate to work in many different offices.  I am 28 years into my career of choice and I still love my job.

Not every day has been great, in fact, it can be very negative.  No one ever calls just to say hello.  They call because something has gone wrong.  There are break and enters, car accidents, and sudden deaths.  Our minds are full of memories of arrests, crime scenes, evidence and images of things that in a perfect world would not happen.  On top of this, the memories must be documented, photographed and testified to after the fact.

I learned very early that being a police officer was going to mean looking for the positive, even in the most negative situation.  I found charity.  Paying it forward.  Replace a negative with a positive.  Our career allows us countless opportunities to help, and we do.  For me, some of the most memorable moments were going to the seniors' building and helping with Christmas decorations.  While I helped with the tree, a veteran told me story after story, he was just so happy to see a person in uniform listening to his old military days.  People should not be alone, especially at Christmas and giving time is free.  There was a civilian employee that had not been at work for some time.  She needed a wheel chair accessible van.  I asked our coworkers to help with a fund-raiser. We formed a committee, a plan, a fundraiser and a goal; raise enough to get her back to work.  It was so incredible to hand her the keys within 3 months and to see her return to the life so many of us take for granted.  There are so many registered charities that we, as police officers, have the opportunity to help with just because we are a police officer.  Toys for Tots makes sure kids have Christmas presents, Law Enforcement Torch Run Enforcement Torch Run makes sure athletes with special needs get the chance to compete, Relay for Life, JDRF walk just to name a few.  It truly is an honour to step up and help the community we are a part of protecting.

I am very fortunate to have an incredible support system.  My mother is a walking medical miracle after surviving cancer 3 times, a minor stroke and most recently a double by pass.  She is my champion, and she always says “I'll be fine, someone else has it worse."  

My husband is my best friend, my confidant and he keeps me fun.  He shares my love of music, which has created so many memories and very cool moments for us.

My son is studying to be a Paramedic.  After suffering a couple of major injuries he wants to help people the same way others helped him.  Creating his own path within emergency services footsteps, he make us so proud.

Our families’ love of music is what introduced me to MEAN CLOTHING and Mean Girls' Society. We have been very fortunate to meet some very talented musicians and I fell in love with the “MEAN” message. 

I am in a role now that allows me the opportunity to speak to High School students.  Whether it is about considering a career in policing, speaking up against bullying or Crime Stoppers, I use every chance to tell young ladies that they are the generation to be part of the “Mean Girls Society”.  When I started my career I was lucky to have one other female officer on my shift.  Now, it is not uncommon to see a female Chief of Police.

We are strong. We can be the Chief, the wife, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the volunteer. Set your goals and go for it!   #MEANIT #STANDWITHPURPOSE #LOOKFORPOSITIVE #GOFORIT #PAYITFORWARD




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