MEAN Girl of the Month - May - Angel Mary Wolf - Nashville, Tennessee USA


NAME:  Angel Mary Wolf

HOMETOWN:  Nashville, Tennessee USA

AGE:  26

CAREER:  Country music artist, lead singer of the Outlaw Country band The Tennessee Werewolves.

LIKES:  Whiskey, good music, my family, cornbread and Star Wars.

DISLIKES:  Dumb rules, lima beans and unorganized jazz music.

#MEANGirl motto:  I'm mean about the truth. Stay true to your word and your beliefs.  

INSTAGRAM:  @angelmarywolf

FACEBOOK:  Angel Mary     



I play guitar and sing in a Southern Rock band with my dad Antoine Wolf & my brother Christian Wolf.  Together we form The Tennessee Werewolves. The band name is derived from Johnny Cash's song "The Beast in Me".  In the song Johnny talks to God about fighting that other side ... his beast side... which we like to think of as the werewolf side.  We all have animal instincts, when pushed to the wall.  We all have a monster in us somewhere, but it's about what side of you do you feed?  You can either tame that beast or not.  Stand in the light or hide in the dark.  We try to stay positive for our wolfpack.  

Cool fact about the band ... Johnny Cash's son John Carter Cash produced us doing the song Folsom Prison Blues as a remake featuring Rob Caggiano from the band Volbeat with The Tennessee Werewolves. There's a real kick ass music video we made of it, filmed at Brushy Mountain Prison in Tennessee at the Devils Triangle .... spooky, you gotta look it up on youtube ... it also airs on television.  Another awesome highlight - I am really excited to be featured as a MEAN Girl, because I also love acting and was in the music video "Chalk Outline" for Three Day's Grace a couple years back.  It's awesome to have our paths cross again.

So what's my story? ... I'm still trying to figure it all out.  My life has been a whirlwind.  I grew up with young parents who were different than the norm.  My dad was always typing away at the typewriter, writing new songs and singing constantly.  My mom is someone who always was there for us, you could say she was a wall for whatever we believed in.  I wanted to be just like my dad.  I feel he's been the coolest human on the planet.  We grew up playing instruments and singing all the time ... late nights jamming in the garage and even setting up whole drum sets in the kitchen.  I sang at rodeos.  My brother performed at talent shows on the drums and ended up being trained by Clint Black's drummer.  We do have a sister too, (she was the smart one, went to college started a family ... haha) but anyway, music was always around us. 

The band, The Tennessee Werewolves, didn't form 'til later.  Inspired by Johnny Cash ... it's interesting that it was inspired by him ... because the Cash family has been a part of my life since the young age of 7.  My family was looking for a new home, so we went to Hendersonville. We started going to a church called "Cowboy Church" which is ran by Johnny Cash's brother-in-law, Harry Yates.  Johnny's sister, Joanne Cash is the preacher's wife there, she quickly found out my family was looking for a new home and told us, "if Hendersonville was good enough for Johnny it is was good enough for us".  She then invited my family to stay at her home 'til my family found the house we were looking for.  Funny thing, while we stayed there, I slept in mama Cash's bed and she actually gave me some of Johnny Cash's glassware! So years went on by, I grew up in Hendersonville.  After I completed school, I moved to New York, I wanted to try acting 'cause I loved singing and performing, and acting just seemed like it was part of that dream too.  I went to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, an amazing school in Manhattan.  Somehow I got lucky and started getting roles on Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, The Other Guys, & Are We There Yet on TBS ... but something now was missing ... the MUSIC.  It plays in my head constantly.  

So, I moved back home to Tennessee and asked my brother and dad to be in a band with me. Thus, The Tennessee Werewolves were born out of Johnny Cash's song the Beast in Me.  Not really knowing what to do, we worked hard everyday getting the band going.  We put an EP out there and started playing out.  We really began to connect with our fans online.

We are firm believers that you can be anything you put your mind too, but I don't think any of us thought it would take off so quickly as it did.  Leading to fans all over the world, being a part of CMA Fest Fan Fairs, to watching our music videos on tv, to being produced by Johnny Cash's son John Carter Cash and remaking Folsom Prison Blues with Rob Caggiano from Volbeat, to having our songs play on all different Country radio stations.  

John Carter Cash with The Tennessee Werewolves 

                           The Tennessee Werewolves at the Cash cabin

Each day is a blessing and I can't wait to see what happens next.  Right now we are really excited ... our first full album is coming out and being released in the U.K. with Universal Records.  It just goes to show that sometimes we are given certain gifts as a child by birth and our natural mindset tells us this can't be done or how can I make this gift a reality?  You have to believe in yourself, you have to work hard, and you have to never give up no matter what obstacles are in your way.  Stand firm and always move forward. 

Photography by Stagner images



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