MEAN Girl of the Month - November - Jen Loving - Batavia, Ohio


NAME:  Jen Loving

HOMETOWN:  Batavia, Ohio USA

AGE:  44

CAREER:   Race Logistics and Training Coordinator for Fleet Feet Sports

HOBBIES:  Painting, reading 

LOVES:  Being creative, helping others and spending time with family.

DISLIKES:  Traffic

MEAN PURPOSE:  November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, you will find me writing at: 

INSTAGRAM:  @lovingchronicles 


My MEAN Life:

I am MEAN about my family. I will fight for them and do what I can for them. My three daughters have Type 1, insulin dependent, diabetes, my son has a bleeding disorder and I advocate for both causes. I have been to both the State Capital and DC talking with lawmakers about both chronic conditions. I also talk with the schools and within the community about raising and living with children with chronic illness. I also try to teach the kids to advocate for themselves in the classroom, on the courts/fields, in the workplace as it will help them as they grow older and move away from home. I feel it is important not only for my family to advocate but also be the voice for families and individuals who don't know where or how to start to advocate. 

You will also find me raising awareness for Diabetes in November for National Diabetes Awareness Month and also for Bleeding Disorders in the month of March for National Hemophilia Awareness month on my FB page, Instagram and blog:

My story: 

In 2015 I joined a running group to help train for a half marathon I had signed up for; little did I know then that this group would become my extended family. I had wonderful running mentors who inspired me to become a mentor for others who were training to run half marathons.  I found I enjoyed training others to reach their goal, run with them during their longest miles ever completed and crossed the finish line on race day with them. It's not about my PR (Personal Record) or my training... it's about supporting, cheering and training them to be the best to achieve their goals. Recently, while I was out on a group run, I was hit by a car. Luckily, I was not injured too badly but it did sideline my training. Not only was I unable to run but the driver was uninsured. Instead of complaining I took each day one painful step at a time. I did complete the half marathon two weeks after my accident; I couldn't run but I did walk it! I was happy to be alive and able to participate...I didn't finish in a fast time but I finished.

I hoped to be able to be a good role model for my kids...that even if you get knocked down (quite literally!!) you get back up! The evening of the race  I received a message on my Facebook page from one of my ladies I had trained. She stated she was proud that I was able to finish, have a good attitude about the accident and kept positive! Those words said to me were better than any PR I could've achieved that day! Being able to help others is so rewarding. If sharing my stories and experiences inspires one person to make a difference than I have done my job. 



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