MEAN TV™ presents Barry Stock's Extreme Guitar Rig Rundown

Calling all guitar geeks, techs and players, tune it to Barry Stock's Extreme Guitar Rig Rundown with renowned Guitar Technician and Guitar Rig Designer/Builder Lonnie Totman.  This is likely the most indepth breakdown of a guitar rig ever!  Subscribe to Barry's Youtube Channel MEAN TV™

Subscribe to Barry's Youtube Channel MEAN TV™

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Produced by Barry Stock, Guitarist, Three Days Grace with Lonnie Totman, Guitar Technician, Guitar Rig Designer/Builder.

Videographer & Editor Mike Filsinger.

Special Mentions & Thanks to:

Guitar World 

Mario Marino -  Mesa Boogie / Axess Electronics

Trace Davis -  Voodoo Amps

Steve Krych -  Krych Custom

Ibanez Guitars


Diezel Amps

Levi Straps

Radial Engineering

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