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The Official Launch Video MEAN Clothing Company by MEAN TV™

MEANest Beard Worldwide 2014 Champ Jason Duck by MEAN TV™

Brandt Dewsbery, MMA Guillotine Choke WIN @ RITC51 Oct. 2/15 by MEAN TV™

#skateMEAN premier video with Damon Conners by MEAN TV™

Barry Stock's Extreme Guitar Rig Rundown by MEAN TV™

MEAN MMA Fighter Brandt Dewsbery June 26/15  by Hard Knocks

WTF! Look what came out of my MEAN shirt! (submitted by Tony Laviola)

MEAN MMA Fighter Brandt Dewsbery 38 sec. TKO by MEAN TV™

This is no walk in the park!  BEWARE.  by MEAN TV™

MEAN Guitar Winner announcement by MEAN TV™ 

Surveillance from Above by MEAN TV™

Guns & Guitars by MEAN TV™

Barry playing the MEAN Guitar - You can WIN! by MEAN TV™ (contest ends May 31/14)

Animal I Have Become Drum Cover (submitted by Nancy LaBerge)

Goin Down Cover on Guitar (submitted by Tyler Jackson)

Rocking Full Cover of Painkiller (submitted by Tyler Jackson)  

10 yr. old new to drumming & rocking it! (submitted by Tim & T. Bone)  

Badass Bass Cover (submitted by Lisa Clarke)  

MEAN Painkiller Drum Cover (submitted by Tyler Jackson)  

Killer Cover of The Good Life (submitted by Tyler Jackson)  

Barry announces who made the 1st MEAN order! by MEAN TV™

Gear Talk with Barry (video courtesy of FRET12)  

Break Stuff Three Days Grace w/ Shawn Hamm (video courtesy of Mike Streer)

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MEAN TV™ is open for video submissions

MEAN TV™ is looking for really cool video to air. Send us a video of you doing what you love to do, what you are passionate about, what you are MEAN about in life.  Your video can be anything, whether it's related to music, sports, a unique talent, skill or trick you perform. Be creative - Be MEAN!  Surprise us!  

Send your video file or link to:  meantv@meanclothing.com

(Not all video submitted will be aired.  We will not accept video that is deragatory in any way, or video that you do not own or have permission to share).