MEAN.  It was more than just a word to Barry Stock when he stuck it on his guitar the day of the "Home" video shoot back in 2004.  It meant something to him; something of great power.  It signified strength, and it signified perseverance. MEAN was a declaration of Barry's state of being and of his mental attitude. Fueled by great passion: Music, and an unyielding desire to succeed, it was in the early days of Three Days Grace that Barry decided to get MEAN.

Inspired by people, events and places in Barry's life, MEAN then became a tangible thing to him, through expressions of art.  That is when the distinctive MEAN skull with a bullet hole in its head came about.  Being passionate about guns & guitars, Barry says the skull with the bullet hole represents, "We are here until death, but you can't kill Rock 'n Roll."

Since the inception of MEAN in 2004, the brand developed into a clothing company.  Barry collaborated with other creative people and came up with badass designs, then printed them on shirts and hats, and mainly gave them out to fans, friends and musicians over the years. MEAN Clothing Company continued to develop and finally launched their online store February 20, 2014.  

MEAN Clothing Company offers the MEAN line of "Rock Music/Military Inspired" clothing, jewelry and all sorts of cool accessories ranging from hats to skateboards.  

MEAN is about being aggressive, in a positive way.  It is strength and confidence.  To stand with purpose.  It is a take charge mentality to go out there and give it your all.  It is fired by passion and the drive to succeed, to accomplish whatever it is you set out to achieve.  It is an excitement for life.  Live it, love it, MEAN it. Allow MEAN to inspire you, wear it and MEAN it!                                                                                                                                    

Barry Stock - Founder/CEO of MEAN Clothing Company & Lead Guitarist with Three Days Grace