MEAN Girls' Society - MGS

MEAN Clothing Company is proud to introduce the launch of MEAN Girls' Society, "MGS".   MGS is an empowering line of clothing for women.  MEAN Girls' Society is a way of life charged by high morals, and is centred around love and all it's magic. 

We are excited to bring you the first 3 pieces in the MGS line.  A stretchy form fitted Vintage Army Green Blazer, a rock inspired Raglan shirt and a flowy white tank top.  All perfect additions to your summer wardrobe!

You are welcome to use the following hashtags when talking about MEAN Girls' Society:  #MGS #MEANGirlsSociety #MEANGirlsRock #LoveConquersAll #TrustyourIntuition #FollowyourHeart

Are you a MEAN Girl?  Start off with your shopping list, and then learn more about how you can become a part of MEAN Girls' Society.