About MEAN Girls' Society - MGS

Dalai Lama says, "The World will be saved by the Western Woman".  This is where it all begins.  MEAN Clothing Company is proud to bring you MEAN Girls' Society, and the empowering MGS clothing line for women that will flourish. 

"Love Conquers All" is the first of many positive messages that the MGS line will bring you. Our clothing will inspire you, and society around you.  Our hope is that women all over the world will be a part of the new society. It's a society based on high morals, love, and freedom. We are teachers and we are leaders. Through wisdom and guidance from the divine power, with love and all it's magic, MEAN Girls' Society will help bring about a little more peace and prosperity, which is much needed in today's world.  Trust your intuition and follow your heart. 

We proudly introduce the first 3 pieces in the MGS line:

X a stretchy form fitted Vintage Army Green Blazer

X a rock inspired Love Conquers All Raglan Shirt

X a flowy white Love Conquers All Tank Top

Love Conquers All design was hand-drawn by the talented Vancouver tattoo artist Saydy. 

Are you a MEAN Girl?   We are looking for MEAN Girls that fit well with the image of what MEAN Girls' Society portrays. 

MEAN Girls are sexy, not sleazy.   MEAN Girls don't gossip, we say it as it is.   MEAN Girls are driven to succeed & help others onto the path of success.   MEAN Girls have high morals, and work towards betterment of ourselves, our families, the local community, and society on the whole. We strive for positive change.  We have a sense of humour and are fun to be around. We hold our heads high with a smile.  We take pride.  We are dignified.  We are mighty fine bitches "beautiful & brave, intelligent, talented, creative, honest, experienced, sincere".  We focus on the important stuff in life, and what the world needs more of.  This is not Hollywood.  This is real life.  It's the society we live in, and we are about to make it better. Welcome to MEAN Girls' Society!

MEAN Girls' Society is currently seeking:

1/  Writers - to be a regular writer/blogger on the upcoming MEAN Girls' Society Blog.  Tell us, what interesting topic is important to you?  Let's get the word out!  (Mutually Beneficial, No Pay)

2/  All Girls & Models -  enter your photo & tell us what you are all about for your chance to be featured as MEAN Girl of the Month & win prizes.  Plus, we will have opportunities for modelling upcoming additions to the MGS line.  You don't have to be a professional model, just a MEAN Girl! 

3/  Artists -  pitch artwork design & drawing ideas centered around MEAN Girls' Society to us.  What's fresh & cool, will be of interest to us.  (Payment upon MEAN purchase/ownership of work)

4/  Designers/Pattern Makers -  to work with MEAN Clothing Company on a freelance basis.  We are currently seeking an early 1970's era designer. (Payment paid position)

All enquiries please email Heather at info@meanclothing.com

Send photos for MEAN Girl of the Month to photos@meanclothing.com

You are welcome to use the following hashtags when talking about MEAN Girls' Society:  #MGS #MEANGirlsSociety #MEANGirlsRock #LoveConquersAll #TrustyourIntuition #FollowyourHeart