MEAN BEARD® It's not only the Beard, it's the Attitude.

To stand with purpose and persevere at something great is what being MEAN is all about.


The 2016 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest is officially open! MEAN BEARD bearers all over the world are welcome to enter the on-line contest which runs for 10 weeks.  You can enter any time between October 1st to December 10th, the contest closing date.  The 2016 MEANest BEARD Champion will be determined from all entries received by the MEAN panel of judges and announced on December 20, 2016.

What will determine the MEANest BEARD Champion is not only a badass beard, but also the person behind the beard with his MEAN story that delivers a great positive message. 

The MEANest BEARD Champion will be awarded title as the "2016 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion" and receive a trophy, along with a MEAN prize pack valued at $250 which will include apparel and MEAN BEARD oil from MEAN Clothing Company.  



Submit your entry by email to:

  • provide your full name
  • your city & country of residence
  • how long you've been growing your MEAN BEARD?
  • tell us about yourself and what makes your beard a MEAN BEARD - what's your MEAN story with a great positive message?  (in a brief paragraph of approx. 250 words or less).
  • were you nominated by someone?  If so, provide name of person (they will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a MEAN t-shirt). 
  • attach 1 or 2 quality photographs of your bearded self (choose a photo that best reflects your MEAN BEARD and your MEAN story).
  • provide your IG address if you are on Instagram


All MEAN BEARD contest entries will be reviewed upon receipt.  You will receive a confirmation email at some point prior to December 10th as to whether your entry has been accepted into the contest.  All accepted entries will be featured on a MEAN BEARD Gallery page that will be put up on the website starting in November.  Also, all accepted entries will be featured on the MEAN BEARD social media pages which include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We ask that you use hashtag #MEANBEARD when sharing/re-posting your feature.  You are also most definately welcome to continue using the #MEANBEARD hashtag on your personal social media.

Join MEAN BEARD social at:

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Disclaimer:  By submitting your entry into the MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest you acknowledge the contest is brought to you by MEAN Clothing Inc., and you agree to provide us with full rights to use your photograph, your name and the information you provide us for our marketing purposes and sharing on the MEAN Clothing Company website and MEAN BEARD and MEAN Clothing Company social media sites.